CRR Program for School

The Culturally Relevant Robotics (CRR) Program for school is designed to help preschoolers learn about computer science in a culturally relevant way. That means children in your classroom will have a chance to use kid-friendly computing tools (like robots!) to do activities that connect to their cultural, community, and family experiences. We hope these activities will help you & your students see that computer science is for everyone!

What to expect

The CRR program is designed to help you engage children in computer science activities during class. There are 4 phases in the program that engage children with 7 powerful ideas of computer science. The phased approach gradually emphasizes these powerful ideas explicitly, but children are engaging with ALL powerful ideas in every phase.

Each phase takes about 6 weeks and includes a focal experience to emphasize powerful ideas in computer science. You can do the focal experience any time during the phase, and you choose the lead up activities to get you and your students ready for the experience! We encourage you to use materials flexibly so that the program works for you and your students.