CRR Program for Home

Welcome to CRRAFT!

CRRAFT stands for Culturally Relevant Robotics A Family & Teacher Partnership

The partnership includes Knox County Schools, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and administrators, teachers, educational assistants and families from your child’s school.

We are working together to help preschoolers learn about computer science in a culturally relevant way. That means your child will have a chance to use kid-friendly computing tools (like robots!) to do activities that connect to their cultural, community, and family experiences. We hope these activities will help you & your child see that computer science is for everyone!

We hope you’ll join us by trying out some activities at home with your child & family.

Join our preschool family nights to learn more!
What to Expect

Your child will do computer science activities during school. There are six phases of activities. For each phase, we will give you three activities to do at home with your family. This website will help you know what to expect and how to try these activities at home.

The Big So What?

Research shows that young children benefit from learning how technology works. Kid-friendly activities help children understand the powerful ideas about computer science.

Learning about computer science prepares children to be users and creators of technology. Computer science is making a big impact on our daily lives, industries (like technology, health care, government, etc.), and society!

Your child will need computer science. AND computer science needs more diverse voices to help in reducing racial/ethnic and gender inequalities. Women and Black and Latinx individuals have been excluded from computer science. Sense of belonging in computing starts at an early age!

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